Here’s the secret. Teachers don’t like it either. It’s laborious to set (effective homework anyway, that is), rarely handed in and a source of frustration when not completed. Many schools give the marking of it over to teaching assistants who in my opinion would be better deployed in other areas, such as one-to-one support and interventions. That’s what they’re great at, after all. It is also the number one cause of parent ‘gripes’ at the end of the day. Why are they doing this for homework? This homework is too easy/ hard/ much or not enough. Whyweren’t they given homework today? They were. Your child just lacks the organisational skills to get it out of their tray, along with that important letter about nits (I’ll get to that topic later). Parents are harder to please than an OFSTED inspector with a penchant for progress.

Never do your child’s homework. Or do, and teach them that it’s ok to cheat and wrong to fail. Children need to fail, all the time, every day. Failure is the start of learning. Also, we can tell it’s your handwriting. Sometimes.


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